• Class AB Ultralinear Output Stage tube amplifier with adjustable (1.5-9 dB) feedback.
  • Compatible with tube types: KT88, KT90 and KT120.
  • Capacitor multiplier circuit used for input and driver stages to minimize noise/hum.
  • Magic eyes tubes used for left and right output levels.
  • American made custom power and output transformers.
  • 4, 8, and 16Ω output taps utilizing custom made McGary Audio gold plated binding posts.
  • Gold plated RCA unbalanced input connections located on front panel adjacent to input tubes to minimize noise, using magnetic cover to conceal if not used.
  • Neutrik XLR balanced connections on rear panel of amplifier.
  • Switchable (XLR) balanced or (RCA) unbalanced input connections.
  • Switchable Triode or Ultralinear output operation.
  • American made 13-Gauge steel enclosure…powder coated throughout (red lollypop base with satin black top plate is standard color scheme), with CNC machined aluminum decorative face and top panel plates. 
  • Russian made ceramic tube sockets with silver plated terminals (attached directly to the chassis).
  • Point-to-point and tagboard hand wired construction with 16-gauge Teflon insulated silver plated copper wire, Cardas silver solder for all electrical connections, Solen and Nichicon muse capacitors, and Vishay metal film resistors.
  • Detachable IEC power cord not supplied.
  • Standard tube complement: (2) NOS JAN General Electric (6BQ7A) input and (2) NOS General Electric (6SN7GTB) driver vacuum tubes, (4) Russian KT88 matched quad Gold Lion output vacuum tubes. Other output tube types are available upon request. Magic eye tubes are Russian 6E3P.
  • Self-bias output tubes require no bias adjustments. 
  • Electrical Engineer designed and hand built in Gainesville, Virginia 
  • Lifetime warranty (excluding the vacuum tubes- 90 day warranty from date of purchase)



  • 80W rms (onset of clipping; THD +N is less than 4%), 40W rms (THD +N is less than .25%)  with 8Ω load using KT88 output tubes
  • 20Hz – 20kHz (+/-0.25dB) bandwidth
  • Input Impedance: >90kΩ unbalanced; >20kΩ balanced
  • Sensitivity: 0.75V-1.8V rms (depending on feedback setting) rms for rated output power
  • SNR: > 85 dB unweighted/unfiltered & referenced to full rated output power at 1kHz into 8Ω
  • Phase: Non-inverting
  • Dimensions: D= 13”, W= 17” and H= 9.25”
  • Power consumption: ~350W (depends on output tube type used)
  • Fuse: 5.0A
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • Power: 120V-60 Hz/240V-50Hz (electrically configurable, please inquire if purchasing product for use outside the USA)


No longer in Production