About Mike McGary- McGary Audio

Since his childhood, Mike McGary has been intrigued with vacuum tubes and audio equipment. His fond memories listening to music using tube equipment his father built further invigorated his passion for having his own audio system at a young age of 13. He then saved money for over two years to purchase his first audio system (speakers and stereo receiver that cost over $700 in the late 1970’s, and is still operational today). Ultimately, given his passion for music reproduction and audio equipment design, led Mike to pursuit an engineering degree. Thus, the creative audio products that could be brought to fruition with Mike’s education and passion started during college, and continue today.

Mike has been designing, building and repairing/restoring audio equipment for many years using his electrical engineering background, mechanical acumen, and design talents. Since his business debut in 2017, Mike has brought to the audio market five remarkable vacuum tube audio products. The four amplifiers (SA1, SA1E, SA2 and MA1) and the SPA1 preamplifier demonstrate the wonderful designs and audio qualities that received numerous accolades and stellar reviews.

When Mike started marketing and selling his creations, his vision was to provide the best value amplifiers in terms of cost, creative designs, features, quality of components, rugged construction throughout, and most importantly- sound quality. He is committed to providing the best by backing these products with a lifetime warranty. His philosophy is, “If my name is on it, it truly means something special to me…I’m passionate about audio and want to share it with others. I could always do it cheaper using lower quality components, same old textbook designs, and offer a 1 year warranty, but I then would never put my name on the products.”

Mike McGary does each and every design, all testing and personally hand builds all of his products in Gainesville, Virginia.